Silvrback provides you plan options that work with your writing goals, short term or long.

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blogging made simple

lean, distraction-free

being different is value

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Your Message,
Your Way

A blog is about you. Your story, your point of view. Silvrbackers are a bit different. Don’t just go with the flow. Even odd.
They’re crunching code at 3 a.m., or are a stay-at- home-dad homeschooling the kids, or an advocate for universal income. Silvrback is the alternative blogging platform.

Your story, your view.

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Experience the
Power of Simplicity

We strip out the noise, the distractions, so you can focus on the story. A lean, uncluttered writing space. Never an ad – ever. In sum, we cut the crap. One of the best blogging platforms for programmers – coders appreciate clean!

Easy to get started, easy to keep

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Developer​ ​Friendly

Whatever the label - ​web developer, programmer, or coder - this will feel like home. Markdown, collaboration tools, code highlighting, Github support, we got you covered. In fact, all STEM writers feel the good vibe!

Time to come home, isn’t it?

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You Post, We Host
Your Blog

We take care of the bones that support your work so you don’t have to. That stuff’s a pain anyhow. So, better us than you. Among the best simple blogging platforms available? Yes. And reliable, too.

But when you want more juice,
we help you get there.

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Your Show,
Make It Stand Out

Your reputation. Your style. Getting a rep takes focus and persistent effort.There are no short cuts. Begins with a reader. Then another. And taking care of them. Get started with one of the best blogging platforms out there today.

We’re here to get you there –
wherever there is for you.

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Grow with Your Success

Great writing is always a work in progress. You want to get better. At using words to better effect. At being consistent in your writing. Keeping motivated.
At reaching your goals. We get it!

Time to get on with it, don’t you think?

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Summary of Features

Syntax Editors

Choose from either the word processor or Markdown editors.

Scheduling Posts

Control when articles are posted to your blog.


Invite people to collaborate on your blog content.


Silvrback lets you write in LTR and RTL language scripts.


We securely host your blog and can secure your personal domain, too.*


Use Google analytics to understand your traffic and readers.

Media Gallery

Awesome feature to display your images, videos and documents.


Convenience of searching both your blog and Silvrback for content.

Social Media

Sharing your work is right at your finger tips.


Invite and manage readers who subscribe to your blog.

Code Highlighting

Coders will love the six highlighting options for presenting their work.


A favorite math symbols package for STEM writers.


Upload directly into Silvrback from your Github account.

Reader Engagement

Disqus, the web’s top reader commenting platform, securely manages reader discussions.

No Ads

Ever. Uncluttered means uncluttered.

*Annual subscription plans are eligible for SSL certificates on personal domains.

Some of Our Writers

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