About Us

Silvrback derives its name from the male “silverback” Gorilla, a creature recognized for its raw power and formidable presence in the animal world.

Founded in 2013, Silvrback sought to provide users with a potent, minimalist writing experience that was easy to use, well-supported, and distraction-free – all at a modest price. That remains our aim today.

We value the craft of writing. It’s about the words, the images, and the effect they can have on the reader. Through this medium, the presentation of thoughts, feelings and ideas through words is central, and the writer is master of a word’s impact.

We also value a writer’s right to what they create. To that end, content is the author’s and we make it easy for them to take it with them, as well as their subscriber list. While we might hope our writers would never leave us, we make it relatively easy for them to do so.

Our team is small. To us, this project is not some corporate after thought – it’s personal.

We invite you to embrace the Silvrback experience! We would be honored to have you share your work with us.

Happy Writing,