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Top 5 Free Stock Image Sites You Never Heard Of

Getting tired of dropping the same ‘ole stock images into your awesome blog posts? So were we! Thankfully, there are beautiful sites loaded with gorgeous imagery just waiting to be found and used. And if you’re not including a couple of images in your posts now, step up your game with these great sourcing options. There are many more options than we could ever cover in one article, but this time around we’re going to hit up our top 5 free stock image sites.

1) Kaboompics

Ever wonder where all the cool kids are going to find amazing shots of literally everything for their blogs and websites? Look no further. Kaboom pics is a visual explosion of beautiful thought out imagery, and it WILL make you wonder why you ever paid for a stock photo in your life.

Three Positives:

  • Easy to navigate - Almost a perfect ten in the search, sort and sort again. This site makes it fun and easy to find what you are looking for and then some.

  • Customizable size abilities - Usually there are standard sizes you can download, and for most that works, but who doesn't love options? Need a certain size, type it in, click download and boom. Your image is ready.

  • Downloadable color scheme - Another fun feature is the complementary color scheme options you can download and use with your preferred image. This may not be as useful for those simply looking to drop an image in their blog and go, but it definitely holds value for those looking to design a website or page using similar

One Negative:

  • Very thematic - These images target a certain look or feel and if you are searching outside of that vibe you probably won’t find what you are looking for.

2) Foodies Feed

If you are a food blogger, outside of using your own imagery, I am not sure you can find a more legit stock photo site. The goal of the site was to create a place for beautiful food pictures and to ‘...eliminate all the ugly sterile stock photos that people still keep using.’ I’d say, mission accomplished.

Three Positives:

  • Easy to navigate - Easy search and simple download, with or without signing up (although it’s easier if you become a member).

  • Customizable size abilities - Seriously, how often do you find a food photo site that provides quality imagery for free? Yeah, almost nowhere.

  • Downloadable color scheme - Gets you over 1,000 premium food photos.

One Negative:

  • Limited database - While we know quality food pics that are free to download are hard to find, realistically this is still a modest selection at best. However, I think it will grow over time and look forward to seeing what the site will provide in the future!

3) Splitshire

Splitshire was the ‘gateway drug’ for me which opened the door to alternative free imagery sites; before it was either take out a loan for 5 Shutterstock images, or regurgitate what everyone else had found on Pixabay. And while those sites have saved my life many, many times, the quality of imagery being posted on Splitshire is worth a look.

Three Positives:

  • Easy to navigate - This low-key site keeps you from being overwhelmed with content. We like choices, but too much info at one time can kill the interest.

  • Video options - Static imagery is nice, but video is a must on so many levels, so this is a plus.

  • No need to register for ‘specials’ - Get in there, pick your favs and download.

One Negative:

  • Site loading is slow - I have used this site multiple times over the past couple of years and I see they continue to improve the speed and ease of navigation, so I don’t see this as a permanent issue in the future. But it is one.

4) Styled Stock

The focus is on women in need of stock photos, this site offers everything fresh, pretty and bright. Its unique offerings will be a great find for those in the target market.

Three Positives:

  • Easy to navigate - You can filter down by popularity, product and color scheme, eliminating the endless click through images that won’t work for your brand.

  • Mailing list option - Free photo packs, if you’re so inclined.

  • Favorites list - Get in there, pick your favs and download.

One Negative:

  • Limited imagery market - This site feels exclusive to a specific type of female image. The bright, organized, happy feel is perfect for some, but not all. I’m hoping to see an even more diverse offering for different types of women in the future!

5) New Old Stock

If you are blogging history, love history or just feel the need to browse visual history, you are in luck. A basic site that provides ‘vintage photos from public archives’.

Three Positives:

  • Basic search - You type in what you are looking for, it pulls it up. Can’t complain there.

  • Intriguing variety - I spent a lot of time looking at these photos, for fun, really.

  • Photo packs - Paid pro packs are available.

One Negative:

  • It is not a ‘click to download’ service - You may be redirected to original sources for the images. This makes it less than optimal in the convenience area, but the unique images make it worth the extra hassle.


And there you have it, our Top 5 Free Stock Image Sites. How many had you already heard of?

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Lena is a graphic designer and a WAHM who, besides creating awesome design work, spends a lot of time pretending to know how to raise her 4, 3 and 1 year old kiddos in the cornfields of Nebraska.